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Subject: Joint Region VIII-EARMA conference - call for papers (15th Oct deadline)

1.  Joint Region VIII-EARMA conference - call for papers (15th Oct deadline)

Posted 12 days ago
Dear friends and colleagues,

Please see below the call for papers (deadline 15th Oct) for the joint NCURA Region VIII-EARMA conference next year in April in Brussels, Belgium.  In these times of increasing globalisation of research this is an excellent opportunity to share your knowledge and expand your network.
If you are considering an idea and would like a co-presenter from the European Union, then please do contact me and I'll be happy to make some suggestions for you.  There is also a study tour planned with European Commission officials, so why not get in on the ground and submit a proposal now!?

snippet from the website:
The European Association for Research Managers and Administrators' (EARMA) conference is Europe's
premier Research Management and Administration (RMA) conference providing an unrivalled
opportunity for research managers and administrators to meet, network, share their experiences,
exchange knowledge within the RMA community. With more than 3000 members in more than 40
countries, the success of Conference depends on the content of the programme presented over two
full days in April. Content is provided by committed RMA colleagues from around the world.
This year the EARMA conference is proudly co-hosting the conference together with the NCURA
International Region (Region VIII) which has members across 38 countries around the world. We are
hoping for a number of our NCURA colleagues to attend and actively participate. To this
end we are soliciting proposals with an international appeal and especially encouraging a strand of
sessions focusing on the challenges of receiving and managing US-funded grants from a European
perspective. When making a session proposal you will be given the opportunity to indicate whether
or not your session will have an international dimension. Please note that this will not affect the
submission selection process, we just want to ensure, that when the programme is developed, that
those EARMA and NCURA Region VIII members with an international outlook will be better able to
select which sessions will be most appropriate for them.
Call for Presentations, Papers and Posters
The 2018 Conference will take place in The Square at Brussels, Belgium between the 17th and 18th of
April 2018. The Annual Conference Programme Committee (ACPC) is now inviting submissions for oral
and poster contributions for inclusion in the Conference 2018 programme.

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Even if you haven't visited Brussels before, you no doubt know a few things about the city already: it's the centre of European decision-making, produces world-class beer, mouth-watering chocolate and waffles. Now what you may not realise is that the city offers a unique blend of culture, international business and leisure all combined with its own distinct national flavour.
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Best regards
(in my capacity as NCURA Region VIII representative on the EARMA ACPC (Annual Conference Programme Committee)

Simon Kerridge
Director of Research Services / Chair of CASRAI / Immediate Past Chair of ARMA
University of Kent
+44 1227 823229