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1.  Aya Niihka

Posted 07-26-2017 13:26
Aya Niihka ("Hello Friend" in the Myaami Language) from Tricia Callahan of Miami University (Oxford, OH)

I am often asked "Why is Miami University in Ohio?"  Because Miami University proudly carries the name of the Miami Nation whose traditional homelands included western Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and parts of southern Wisconsin and Michigan. Miami University is one of the oldest public universities in the country (established before Florida was a state!), and today Miami consistently ranks among the nation's top public universities for the quality of teaching and overall student experience.  (And Robert Frost once described Miami University as having "the most beautiful campus that ever was").

As you can tell, I am proud to work for Miami University.  I've been at Miami in the central, pre-award office since 2008.  I am also a 1991 graduate of Miami.  After I earned my B.A. in Psychology at Miami, I went to the University of Louisville (UofL) for graduate school.  It was at the UofL where I started my career in research administration in 1998.

I couldn't have found a better field to work in if I had tried-- and like many of you, I just happened into it.  I love the ever-changing nature of the work, I love being in a support role for faculty and staff, and most of all, I love my research administration colleagues.  Through NCURA I have had the extreme pleasure of meeting colleagues around the country, and now through the global initiatives- around the world.  I am truly blessed.

I am also blessed to be expanding my horizons and joining my Region VII colleagues, as come September 18th will be working at Colorado State University.  From the rolling fields on the Miami Valley to the foothills of the Colorado Rockies and perhaps someday beyond (like southern Germany along the Moselle)....

So if you are in southern Ohio prior to Sept 1, drop in and say hello or aya!  I hope to see many of you at the upcoming annual meeting in D.C.

 Until then,


Tricia Callahan
Director, Proposal Development
Miami University
Oxford, OH