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Topic: More to do at AM59 

1.  More to do at AM59

Posted 08-03-2017 08:46
Reposting for Caroline Jones

Greetings to you all, 

I do know many of you and for those who do not know me, I am Caroline Jones and I am currently a volunteer member of the Select Committee for Global Affairs and I was a NCURA Global Fellow in 2012 (Technion University).

This year at AM59 we are honoring you by identifying you with a fellowship ribbon that you can add to your name badge along with the other identifiers and accolades such as officer, volunteer and speaker.

The objective is to identify you as part of the select group you belong to and encourage sharing of your experience as a Fellow with each other and other NCURA members. I also know many of your organizations have also hosted  fellows and your willingness to share your expertise and experience will help continue to grow the interest in the global research  and the Global Fellowship program as we broaden our connections in the research world.

There are a number of events or opportunities this year that will focus on the NCURA Fellowship program that may interest you, listed below:

Monday, August 7, 2017

6:15P NCURA International Region Reception at Embassy Row Hotel (if you haven't already you will receive an invitation from Jesse Szeto)

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Genius Bar – 10:15 – 11:30

The NCURA  Fellowship Experience

Hosted by:  Gai Doran, Jill Frazier Tincher and Marianne Woods

Lunch – we have a table reserved for Fellows if you are interested in networking and have a discussion on developing a Fellowship Alumni Group  (I will be there)

Ignite Session – 3:55 – 4:10

US4A - Submitting an Application for the NCURA Global Fellows Programs

Presenter: Caroline Jones


Wednesday August 9, 2017

Discussion Group - 10:30-12:00

dg97: Global Fellows: Experiences, Hosting and Opportunities for Collaboration  

Panel:  Panda Powell, Jeremy Miner, Tricia Callahan, Jill Frasier Tincher and Andrei Tolstikov

I will be on the lookout for you all as I am on a mission to meet as many of you in person that I can. I hope to see those I know and meet those I haven't met yet at the International Reception, Netzone, lunch or  just in passing  (as you will be easily identified by your ribbon) and if you don't pick up your ribbon at registration, I will be carrying extra ribbons.

See you in DC.


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