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Topic: Yet another survey! 

1.  Yet another survey!

Posted 06-28-2017 17:11

Hello Fellow Research Administrators,

I am working on a project to finish up my Master of Public Administration degree at Florida State University. If you can find a few minutes to complete a survey about your level of engagement at work, I would really appreciate it!


As part of my final project, I'm writing about ways managers can increase engagement among research administrators. I am using this survey to gauge the current state of research administrator engagement as a baseline.

You can find the survey here:

 This anonymous survey asks questions about teamwork, resources, and other measures of engagement. It consists of 48 questions and should take about ten minutes to complete. No personal or identifying information is collected or retained through the Qualtrics survey platform; answers are anonymous and confidential. The survey is voluntary and there are no risks or benefits associated with completing the survey. There is no penalty for non-participation.

Thank you in advance for your time!!

Laney McLean, CRA
Business Manager
Center for Advanced Power Systems
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL