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Topic: National Elections - Endorsement of Tadashi Sugihara 

1.  National Elections - Endorsement of Tadashi Sugihara

Posted 06-22-2017 02:09

Dear Colleagues,


On Monday you all have received a message regarding the NCURA 2017 National Elections.

You are requested to cast your vote of approval for Vice President/President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer-Elect and select two names for approval for At-Large Member to the overall NCURA Board of Directors positions. Needless to say that every vote is important, as it decides on the future direction of NCURA. We are aware that there might be names on the ballot you are not be familiar with - nevertheless, we would kindly ask you to closely check out the statements and CVs - it is worth it!


Amongst the candidates for the At-Large Members to the Board of Directors is our Region VIII colleague Tadashi Sugihara (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Okinawa Japan), whose candidacy we herewith strongly endorse. Most of you know Tadashi as one of the most prominent international editors of the NCURA magazine, responsible for the Asian Region. Thanks to his tireless activities, descriptions and interventions we have extended on a regular basis our knowledge on the international research endeavours of our Japanese colleagues. 

We are convinced that having a person from Asia on the Board of Directors will be a very important step for NCURA as well as for the growing recognition of the International Region. His voice on the Board of Directors will be crucial for integrating an even stronger international perspective in an increasingly globalized research funding landscape.


We both have known Tadashi since 2011. We have worked with him on several occasions: both in the US as well as in Europe. He is a very dedicated and committed person with a broad understanding of NCURA. We therefore fully endorse and support his candidacy - he would truly be an added value to NCURA as an At-Large Board member on the Board of Directors.


Best regards,

Annika Glauner - Chair International Region

Agatha Keller - Member of the Board of Directors

Agatha Keller
Co-Director EU GrantsAccess
ETH Zurich | University of Zurich