55th Annual Meeting Post Highlights!

By Vivian Holmes posted 08-12-2013 14:47


AM55 was a great Annual Meeting!  I certainly think so and I've heard that statement from so many that I'm convinced. The days of the meeting were filled with the energy and enjoyment of meeting new people, learning new things as well as catching up with old friends and getting Updates.

Although you always hear that “you can’t please everyone,” our Program Committee tried very hard to meet all the didactic needs of our members, hoping to meet the expectations of each, regardless of their field of research administration or their level. The changes made from prior years were meant to provide clarity in the offerings.  Sometimes just the names were changed (“Biomedical” is broader and includes and addresses clinical/hospitals issues) and then, the Core Curriculum was a track created to provide a set of courses spanning pre-award, post-award, and compliance essentials. If there are sessions you missed, you will be happy to find the handouts on NCURA’s website.

The theme of the meeting, “Investment, Commitment, Rewards,” came to life in several ways throughout the meeting. Whether it was the investment of our time and energy, our institution’s investment in our attendance, or our contributions to the Education Fund, putting ourselves forward was obvious and a powerful presence. The commitment of our speakers to teach, our participants to engage, and our volunteers to help – the high level of dedication was palpable. How rewarding it is to be an NCURA member, to attend, to learn, to meet our colleagues, and to focus on our profession in such a joyous atmosphere!

The networking opportunities were extremely well attended - so now that we're back and it's all fresh in our minds, this is a great time to review and circle back to all those new Collaborate contacts we've made and go through the business cards we collected throughout the meeting.

The plans for AM56 will be underway soon. The responses given in your evaluations are taken into consideration so please use this opportunity to give your feedback for suggestion and comments….

NCURA is listening!




09-09-2013 10:15

Vivian, the meeting was a great success. You, and your team, did a great job! It was very nice seeing you. Good luck future President!

08-22-2013 11:20

I heard it was a fantastic meeting, Vivian, and wish I could have stayed in DC longer to attend. Best wishes and thanks for all you do!

08-14-2013 11:55

Thanks for doing such a fantastic job leading, Vivian!