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Departmental Reporting - KPIs and Metrics

  • 1.  Departmental Reporting - KPIs and Metrics

    Posted 12-30-2020 07:55

    Hello NCURA community!

    I am new to the world of research and grant administration, working at a nonprofit basic research institution. My team is looking to improve on the reporting we do out of our grant administration system (we have Streamlyne)/department to the institution, department heads, PIs, etc. and looking for input from other organizations. 

    Looking to solicit from other organizations what type of reporting you do! Do you have certain metrics and/or KPIs that you track? What things are you monitoring internally and what type of data are PIs and other stakeholders interested in seeing?

    We are a shop that handles admin for the entire life cycle...pre and post a central office.


    Joseph Oosterman
    Sponsored Research Administrator
    Van Andel Institute
    Grand Rapids, MI
    (616) 808-9880