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Request for Input / Best Practices: International Research Support Infrastructure

  • 1.  Request for Input / Best Practices: International Research Support Infrastructure

    Posted 08-01-2019 12:07
    Dear colleagues,

    I'm working with a task force at my institution charged with improving our organizational infrastructure to better support a growing international research portfolio.  I'm curious how other institutions handle the various hurdles required to do research in foreign countries, while maintaining any kind of compliance program... for example, setting up NGOs, tax experts, anticipating legal issues specific to the country...

    We are considering setting up a central "coordinator" role to at least help identify the issues we'll need to consider from country to country.  This person would also work with the department and our pre-award team to build (more) accurate budgets based on the country-specific requirements, and refer them to resources to implement those requirements.  We still have questions about what qualifications this individual could or should have, and whether we have the appropriate in-house resources for this coordinator to consult with/refer to or, alternately, if we need to look at contracting for any/all of those resources.

    Can you please share what your institution's international research support infrastructure looks like? What works well with that setup, and what would you change?

    Many thanks!

    Casey St.Clair
    Assistant Controller
    Washington State University
    Pullman, WA
    (509) 335-1471