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NCURA PRA March 13-15, 2019

  • 1.  NCURA PRA March 13-15, 2019

    Posted 01-22-2019 10:20
    There are many opportunities for those interested in learning more about global collaborations and research management.  Here are some topics at the PRA meeting in Las Vegas that may be of interest (below).

    Please be sure to review the PRA Program, here is the link:

    We hope to see you there!

    Recognizing and Mitigating Risks Associated with Global Collaborations:  A Case Study workshop with Gai Doran from Yale University and Agatha Keller from the University of Zurich

    Submitting Proposals to the U.S. from the International Region, concurrent session with Dina Adly from the American University in Cairo and Meg Rogers from the Carnegie Mellon University in Cairo

    Collaboration with Japan, concurrent session, with Masato Miyake, Taro Tamiya and Yumiko Minoura from the Nara institute of Science and Technology

    Roles for International Collaborators, concurrent session, with Ayako Fujieda from the Kyoto University

    The Essentials of Creating an International Collaboration:  Culture and Contracts, concurrent session, with Marianne Woods from Johns Hopkins University, Amy Caby from Washington University, Akilay Pruitt from the University of California and Shay Strubinger from Kansas State University

    Fundamentals En Espanol:  NCURA Goes to Havana, ignite session with Suzanne Rivera, Case Western Reserve University

    BILAT USA 4.0:  Resources for US-EU Research Collaboration, ignite session with Claire Chen, NCURA

    Proposal Considerations for International Research, ignite session with Tracey Trujillo, Colorado State University

    Leading and Managing Large NIH Grants - A University of Melbourne Experience, discussion group with Adelene Auyong from the University of Melbourne and Berlin Bermudez, from the University of Rochester

    Successfully Managing Science Without Borders:  Supporting International Research, concurrent session with David Richardson, University of Illinois and Ara Tahmassian, Harvard University

    Best Practices for Navigating the US Federal Funding Landscape, concurrent session, with Megan Moore, Harvard University

    Data Privacy and International Research, discussion group, with Ara Tahmassian, from Harvard University and David Richardson, from the University of Illinois

    What Could Go Wrong?  A Case Study in Planning for and Managing Internatoinal Projects, discussion group, with Megan Moore, Harvard University

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