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SAM Registration

  • 1.  SAM Registration

    Posted 06-29-2018 10:05
    Dear colleagues,

    recently has been undergoing changes and entities registered in SAM now must submit a notarized letter to FSD for each renewal.

    Does anyone know how long it takes between sending off the notarized letter and the approval of the renewal? The status of our entity has not changed from "submitted" for over three weeks.

    Furthermore, does anyone know if the alteration from the SAM system into LOGIN system automatically adopts the information and the status rights of the entity from the previous registration?

    Thank you very much in advance!

    Best regards from Zürich - Agatha

    Agatha Keller
    Co-Head EU GrantsAccess
    ETH Zurich | University of Zurich

  • 2.  RE: SAM Registration

    Posted 06-30-2018 10:51
    We have the same problem. Letter was submitted a month ago, and they've confirmed its receipt. Still hasn't been processed, so our registration expired.

  • 3.  RE: SAM Registration

    Posted 07-09-2018 09:08
    Just a follow-up.  On July 5, we received an email from that Hamilton College's registration is once again current.  Squeaky wheel?

  • 4.  RE: SAM Registration

    Posted 07-10-2018 13:26
    hi all, 
    SAM is part of GSA - you might try contacting GSA leadership:

    BTW: I was the one who advised Deborah Hampstead to do this & she 
    was successful in getting them to act....


  • 5.  RE: SAM Registration

    Posted 07-11-2018 06:37

    Dear Colleagues,


    thanks all of your for your input. This was very helpful for us. In the meantime we succeeded to complete the registration!

    Best, Agatha



    Agatha Keller | Co-Head EU GrantsAccess


    International Research Programmes

    ETH Zurich | University of Zurich

    Seilergraben 53 | 8001 Zürich | Switzerland


    +41  44  634  53  54


  • 6.  RE: SAM Registration

    Posted 07-02-2018 03:37
    Dear Agatha,

    I updated SAM system and all the information in SAM was there, in fact, the only change in the system is how to log in. The change was very straightforward.

    Best Regards,


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  • 7.  RE: SAM Registration

    Posted 08-01-2018 08:18
      |   view attached
    Dear Agatha and all,

     thank you very much for the essential questions and answers about the new SAM registration procedure.

    For my entity I´m in the final stage of this procedure. In the FAQs offered by the FSD I have found that for international entities with no U.S. banking information the procedure seems to be streamlined withOUT the need to notarize the letter to appoint an Entity Administrator.

    But so far I have not received the confirmation by the FSD about the outcome of their review (see detailed instructions below).

    Best regards,


    Vienna University of Technology, Austria

    Instructions to Entity


    1. International Entity, No U.S. Banking Information. Use this template to formally appoint an Entity Administrator for a single international entity only if your entity does not use banking information from a U.S. financial institution in your SAM entity registration.


    1. Complete the template. Fill in the blanks. Enter the highlighted information on the next two pages. Do not include this instruction page in your letter.


    1. Print the letter on your entity's letterhead. If you don't have letterhead, enter your entity's legal business name and physical address at the top of the letter before printing.


    1. Sign the completed letter. Make sure the person who signs the letter is someone with signatory authority, i.e. who can make commitments on behalf of the entity like an executive, officer, partner, or other authorized representative.


    1. Scan the completed, signed letter. Submit a copy to the Federal Service Desk by creating a service ticket at and attaching the scanned letter. You do not need to separately mail the completed, signed letter.


    1. Receive confirmation. The Entity Administrator will receive an email from the Federal Service Desk after the letter is reviewed. The email will contain information about whether the letter is accepted or rejected. If rejected, the email will include the reason for rejection and instructions to resolve the issue.

      Fully flatched template attached!


    Siegfried Huemer
    Head of EU & INT Research Support
    Vienna University of Technology
    1040 Vienna, Austria