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Requesting Feedback for Research Project

  • 1.  Requesting Feedback for Research Project

    Posted 11-08-2018 10:20

    I am a graduate student in the Johns Hopkins Masters of Science in Research Administration program conducting research on pre-award processes to address legal and compliance issues in international research programs. This research will take the form of a capstone project due in December. The title of this project is "International Research Compliance and Law: A Study of Key Issues Affecting Academic Research Institutions in the Pre-Award Phase of International Research Programs".

    I have attached a link to a survey and would greatly appreciate your response. Please feel free to share this among your professional networks as well. I hope to gain feedback from research administrators with any experience-whether limited or significant-in international research. This feedback will help form recommendations in the final project.

    The study is being conducted under the guidance of my faculty advisor-and PI of this study-Dr. Jeffrey Kantor, who can be reached at jkantor3@.... Please also feel free to reach out to me with any questions at abarton9@....

    Best regards,
    Andrew Barton

    Link enclosed above:

    Andrew Barton
    Research Budget Analyst
    Ochsner Health System
    New Orleans, LA
    (219) 508-1062