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Knowledge mobilization/translation and engagement

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    Posted 06-03-2019 20:51
    Hi - I'm interested in finding out about how universities are supporting knowledge mobilization/translation and research engagement activities.

    I am a research project manager at The University of Melbourne, Australia on a large ARC Linkage (Uni-industry partnership) project.  My role involves maintaining the collaborative relationships with partners as well as building wider engagement with key stakeholders, in addition to administering the project and managing project activities.  The role has evolved in response to strong interest from stakeholders and this engagement has not only helped inform the research but has strengthened the collaboration with our partners and broadened the reach of our findings.  I began looking into how others are doing this to refine and inform our approach.

    I have been researching Kmb in Canada and the community engagement activities in USA to find out how these programs are supported at the faculty, department and project level.  I am currently visiting a number of universities in Canada and US to better understand how their kmb and engagement initiatives operate.

    I"m interested in finding out how universities are supporting researchers to conduct knowledge mobilization/translation (kmb) activities?
    • What support is there during research projects, particularly partnerships, for engagement and kmb? 
    • Who is doing the work that this involves - academics, graduate researchers, research assistants? 
    • How common are research project management roles?
    • What supports are available at the institutional/faculty/department level?
    I believe that there are many practices in managing research at this level that are not known and think it would be useful to make these more visible.

    Joann Cattlin
    Project Manager, ILETC Project
    Melbourne Graduate School of Education
    The University of Melbourne