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Animal Clinical Trials versus Human Clinical Trials

  • 1.  Animal Clinical Trials versus Human Clinical Trials

    Posted 05-14-2019 09:07
    Good Morning All,

    Attention Vet School Research Administrators:
    We are questioning the cost accounting on a charge with animal clinical trials and wanted to see how other universities handle these charges. We want to pay our "patient's" owners with a gas card or a gift card similar to participant support, however, there is some question on whether this is allowable based on the fact it is an animal clinical trial versus a human. It would be the same concept but no one is quiet sure if this is an acceptable practice to reimburse owners. What are your thoughts or actual university practices on the subject?


    Kimberly Johns
    Research Administrator
    University of Florida
    Gainesville, FL
    (352) 294-4206