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Pre-Conference 1/2 Day Workshops

  • 1.  Pre-Conference 1/2 Day Workshops

    Posted 07-20-2018 16:57

    Dear NACCA Community,

    We are very excited to announce the Pre-Conference ½ Day Workshop descriptions and Learning Objectives!  We've focused on the "nuts & bolts" for the last few years, so we thought we'd change it up a little and offer more intermediate level learning opportunities this year, but all are welcome and encouraged to attend!

    Also, a Draft main conference announcement will be made this upcoming week, so be on the lookout for that.

    Registration for the Workshops and the Main Conference is open!  See the NACCA Conference website to register and book your room:

    We look forward to seeing you in Baltimore!


    Workshop #1: Recharge/Service Centers: Rate Setting and Management for Compliance in Complex Environments  

    Service centers (aka recharge centers, revenue generating activities or cores) can be compliance and audit challenges waiting to happen! These activities can be politically loaded. Additionally, we may not even know that they are in existence! This half-day workshop will explore regulatory principles for setting rates and practical management of these activities. These responsibilities only get heightened in our complex federal and institutional environments. We will discuss:

    - What to consider before approving new centers or activities – is it a wise business decision

    - Who should be included in approval for engaging in these service centers/activities

    - Accounting/financial considerations on how to handle subsidies, depreciation expense, over/under recovery, and shut down of a center/activity

    - And much more!

    As a matter of application and learning, the workshop will include a hands-on exercise in setting rates for a specialized instrumentation facility that has a variety of equipment and associated complexities.

     Learning Objectives:

    • Participants will be exposed to complex matters in the management of service center activities
    • Participants will gain an understanding of complex rate setting considerations and documentation in the process
    • Participants will be better able to recognize and speak about compliant rate setting with many levels of university administration  


    Prerequisite: Basic understanding recharge/service center costing concepts from the Uniform Guidance


    Workshop #2: The Indirect Cost (F&A) Proposal – After Submission: What Do I Do Now?   

    Whew!! We've gotten through the proposal submission! So what is next? There are so many questions…..When do we expect to hear from our Cognizant Agency? What types of information will it request? How do we prepare for a Cognizant Agency site visit?  Beyond the negotiation, what do we do with all of the information we have gathered? What is it telling us about our organization? Are there strategies to be considered, communicated or managed – and with whom? 

    This intermediate level workshop provides a roadmap of steps during, and after the negotiation! The workshop will be beneficial to cost accountants, cost analysis managers, administrators for research and sponsored projects, controllers, budget directors, leadership, and other interested parties. Please bring your experiences and questions to the workshop for all to learn from!

     Learning Objectives:

    • Participants will gain an understanding of a typical data request by Cognizant Agencies, and how to provide a succinct response.
    • Participants will be introduced to what to expect from a site visit if requested by its Cognizant Agency.
    • Participants will explore potential future modifications to business process and data collection to enhance its next F&A proposal submission and negotiation which may involve other parts of the organization.
    • Participants will brainstorm strategies for communicating improvements within the organization based on the data collected and analyzed through the F&A proposal process.


    Prerequisite: Basic understanding of indirect cost (F&A) proposal preparation and negotiation processes.