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Offset Accounts ("Driver Worktags") in Workday

  • 1.  Offset Accounts ("Driver Worktags") in Workday

    Posted 10-09-2018 16:03

    Dear NACCA Community,


    The University of Miami is preparing to do its F&A proposal for the first time since implementing Workday as our ledger/financial system.

    In our legacy system, for any given account and revenue/spend category, we would have reports containing all transactions with the offset accounts and amounts.  We used that information for allocating indirect costs to the different offset accounts (for example, to allocate indirect costs of service centers based on recharges).  We've yet to figure out a way in Workday to pull the transactions' offset accounts ("driver worktags") into a report.  Does anyone using Workday have any insight that you may share on how that is achieved at your institution?


    Thanks so much for your help,

    Lionel Vera
    Manager, Cost Analysis
    University of Miami
    Coral Gables, FL