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Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Japan) 

04-24-2012 13:36

The best site for valuable information on Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, and Science and Technology (MEXT). Indeed, MEXT is the government agency primarily responsible for research and development. Based on the ''Second Science and Technology Basic Plan,'' the government's basic policy on science and technology for the five year period from FY2001, MEXT promotes comprehensive research and development in order to accomplish the highest creative achievements in worldwide comparisons. The Plan epitomizes the ideal form of the nation from the viewpoint of cultivating new wisdom through science and technology, supporting national life and economic activity and realizing international contribution. Furthermore, in order to realize these objectives, the Plan outlines a planned approach to prioritized policy, centered upon the focused, strategic promotion of research and development, as well as reform in the science and technology system. Moreover, academic research conducted primarily in universities and other institutions aims to explore the truth in all academic fields, from the humanities and social sciences to the natural sciences. Endorsing the three desirable goals of ''promoting research of the highest worldwide standards,'' ''creation of new academia in the 21st century'' and ''contribution to society,'' and in view of the ''Second Science and Technology Basic Plan'' as well as deliberations at the Council for Science and Technology, MEXT is promoting diverse academic research in a wide spectrum of disciplines according to the following basic direction of promotion: (1) respect for the autonomy of researchers; (2) progress in all academic fields; and (3) integrated promotion of education and research.


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