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Starts: 10-01-2020
Location: Online Opportunity


Please send articles, podcasts and videos that you would like considered to be published in the Resource Center to ResourceCenter@ncura.edu. Send your article in a word document so we can easily post as html. Include an author’s photo, a short bio and what section(s) you would like to see your article published in. Podcasts and videos should be no longer than seven (7) minutes in length. Note: A single submission may appear in up to three (3) of the eight topical areas below. Submissions will be reviewed by the appropriate committee and confirmation sent back to you. Sections include:

  • Compliance: Federal Regulations; Government Relations; Clinical/Research Trials; Policy Development; IRB; IACUC; Biosafety; Export Controls; Conflict of Interest; Responsible Conduct of Research; Laboratory Safety; Data Stewardship

  • Contract Management: Non-Federal and Industry Contracting; Negotiation and Acceptance; Intellectual Property; Technology Transfer; Non-Disclosure Agreements; Material Transfer Agreements

  • Electronic Research Administration: Web Management; Electronic Systems; Database Management; Metrics and Reporting

  • Financial Management: Federal; Post-Award; Property/Space; Audit; Effort Reporting; F&A; Sub-Award Monitoring

  • Human Capital: Senior; Professional Development; Leadership; Supervision; Education and Training; Mentoring; Wellness

  • International: Collaborations; Legal Issues

  • Pre-Award: Research and Proposal Development; Proposal Writing; Proposal Submission; Federal; Non-Federal 

  • Recipient Specific: PUI; Medical; HBCU; Land Grants



Contact Tara Bishop, NCURA, bishop@ncura.edu or Rana Abouelhgag, NCURA, abouelhagag@ncura.edu

Volunteers Needed:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary


Tara Bishop