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  • Vivian Holmes

    Message from Your President

    It happens all the time. I’m willing to bet it occurs elsewhere and not just in sponsored research offices. A lengthy process, a fractured procedure,...

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Issuance of a NSF Dear Colleague Letter Regarding the Ebola virus

NSF website regarding submission of NSF RAPID proposals to conduct non-medical, non-clinical care research on the Ebola virus.

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Nancy Garcia

RE: Anyone have the AM56 roster

Posted in: Pre-Award

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Stephanie Moore

Janet Simons and David Brady

Stephanie Moore

Janet Simons and David Brady

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    RE: EIN Number on Attachment 3B

    Posted in: Global Community

    Dear Agatha, If I remember it correctly, US Employer Identification Numbers cannot be issued by the IRS in the United States for foreign government-owned organisations, since that would amount to one country paying taxes to another country (wars...

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    EIN Number on Attachment 3B

    Posted in: Global Community

    Dear Colleagues, at the moment we struggle with EIN numbers and would very much appreciate your input: There seem to be two numbers which are called EIN numbers and which look different: either 9 digit numbers like xx-xxxxxxx (Employer Identification...

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