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  • Vivian Holmes

    Message from Your President

    It happens all the time. I’m willing to bet it occurs elsewhere and not just in sponsored research offices. A lengthy process, a fractured procedure,...

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Issuance of a NSF Dear Colleague Letter Regarding the Ebola virus

NSF website regarding submission of NSF RAPID proposals to conduct non-medical, non-clinical care research on the Ebola virus.

Policy-related questions should be directed to more

Council on Financial Assistance Reform Webcast

Please join us for a webcast on
Uniform Guidance Implementation
A Conversation Presented by the Council on Financial Assistance Reform
Thursday October 2nd, 1:00-3:00PM more


Stephanie Moore

Janet Simons and David Brady

Stephanie Moore

Janet Simons and David Brady

Stephanie Moore

Janet Simons and David Brady

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    RE: European Commission Compliance

    Posted in: Global Community

    Sam, Check with Felicia Beanum and Brenda Lacy Roberts at Cedars. I was heavily involved with a European Union grant while there and they had to work out the special terms. They may be able to guide you through some best practices.

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    European Commission Compliance

    Posted in: Global Community

    This morning, I was asked to immediately sign and agree to comply with the European Commission on a grant application. We've not applied for or received any of this kind of funding, so I'm starting from scratch. Any advice, direction, notes, etc....

  • Denise Wallen

    RE: Controlled Substances - applicable for Suba...

    Posted in: Global Community

    This is not an NIH regulation. Rather, it's a reminder to grantees that inclusion of a controlled substance protocol within a grant application does not satisfy the U.S. government requirement to register the allowed possession/use of controlled substances...

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    Controlled Substances - applicable for Subaward...

    Posted in: Global Community

    Dear all, I hope you are all doing fine. At the moment we are going through the NIH- Grants Policy statement and one question came up regarding "Controlled Substances" - see below. Does the obligation to register etc.. also apply to subawards...

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